benefits of pre cast concrete

Strength & Durability  a long- lasting solution Precast concrete grows stronger over time and stable. Concrete Products lasts for years requiring little or no maintenance. It's the ideal choice for structural stability

Quality control  Precast concrete products typically are produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity. Variables affecting quality typically found on a job site – temperature, humidity, material quality and craftsmanship – are nearly eliminated in a plant environment.

Efficiency & Aesthetics Precast concrete products arrive at the job site ready to install. There is no need to expend time setting up forms, placing concrete or waiting for the concrete to cure.

Precast concrete products are both functional and decorative. They can be shaped and molded into an endless array of sizes and configurations. Precast concrete can also be manufactured in any color and a wide variety of finishes.

Low maintenance Precast concrete requires little or no maintenance, which makes it an ideal choice for nearly any design solution.

Dematerialisation Precasters are always looking for opportunities to reuse, reduce and recycle - grey and storm water runoff are utilised, waste materials from other industries are incorporated, the minimal production waste is recycled,

Fire resistance  Precast concrete is noncombustible. Also, concrete does not lose its structural capacity nearly as quickly as steel, Other materials besides concrete and steel are flammable and/or do not perform well in elevated temperatures.

Weather resistance  Precast concrete is well-suited for exposure to all types of weather conditions. In regions experiencing regular freeze-thaw cycles, the concrete mix can be designed to properly withstand damage.

UV sensitivity Unlike some other materials, precast concrete does not degrade from exposure to sunlight. This is extremely beneficial for above-ground applications.

Chemical Resistance Precast concrete is resistant to most substances. However, no material is completely immune to attack from aggressive chemical agents. Precast concrete products can be designed to withstand anticipated corrosive agents.

Environmentally Friendly Precast concrete is an inert substance which does not emit or give off any gases or compounds; in fact it actually absorbs unwanted compounds such as carbon dioxide. Precast does not attract mould or mildew and being that it is termite and vermin proof, it removes the need for chemical spraying. The precast industry's manufacturing techniques are economical, ecological and save waste products from landfill.